No shipment is ever too big for Trans-Ontario Express. Our GTA (Greater Toronto Area) trucking service ranges from straight trucks to 53’ trailers, tractors to flatbeds handling any GTA LTL or FTL freight you may have. Need to transport freight outside of the GTA? Trans-Ontario Express can handle all out of town transportation needs simply give us a call. Once your order is placed, it is dispatched to the assigned driver electronically along with any memo or special requests you may require.

Service Timeframes
Rush Pickup before 3:30pm
Out of Town Pickup before 1:30pm
Sameday (9am-5pm) Order by 12pm, pickup before 5pm
Overnight Order by 3:30pm, pickup before 5pm
After Hours (after 4pm) Please call in

All our GTA (Greater Toronto Area) trucks are maintained in-house to minimize downtime and provide you with excellent service. Full mechanical inspections are performed as often as once a week, alongside the daily standard daily check-ups. What a mechanically-sound fleet means to you is uninterrupted delivery of your freight from point A to point B. We aim to please our customers new and existing using our local GTA Trucking service.

Vehicle Capacity Wait times
Single-Axle Straight Truck 12 skids / 15,000lbs First 30min free
Tandem-Axle Straight Truck 12 skids / 28,000lbs First 30min free
Tandem-Axle 53' Trailer 26 skids / 44,000lbs First hour free
Tri-Axle 53' Trailer 26 skids / 64,000lbs

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